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K. K. Sharma and Company is a leading law firm established in 1984 by Mr. K. K. Sharma, an advocate. Mr. Sharma began his career in litigation and corporate law in 1981 at the Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India. Since then, he has regularly appeared before various state high courts in India, the Supreme Court of India, and various tribunals. Also appeared as an expert witness in the courts of the United States of America. Mr. Sharma was designated as a senior advocate in 2009 by the Delhi High Courts, and thereafter, he withdrew from the partnership firm as an active partner. However, Mr. Sharma continues to serve as a mentor and guide to K. K. Sharma and Company.

K. K. Sharma and Company are looked upon as a hallmark of efficiency, quality, standards, reliability, and dependability in providing a wide range of turnkey legal solutions and services in legal matters. The firm provides a range of services across various sectors, including corporate, commercial, hospitality, banking, power, etc. Litigation and arbitration are two very key areas of the firm. Other services include corporate finance and corporate advisory. In its history of the last 37 years, the firm has had clients ranging from multinational companies to government agencies, financial institutions, banks, power companies, and private individuals.

The firm acts swiftly and precisely to protect the interests of its clients. The firm’s main focus is to provide personalized services with great care. We pride ourselves on adapting our advice based on the circumstances and situations faced by our clients. The firm provides an independent relationship manager to every client who is available at any time of the day and keeps the communication between the firm and the client smooth and strong.

K. K. Sharma and Company stands for dynamism and takes great pride in its diverse and ever-expanding practice. The litigation practice group handles significant disputes for a broad spectrum of financial institutions, commercial and industrial corporations, and private individual clients.

The firm’s legal team has successfully litigated a wide range of commercial and corporate matters, including those relating to banking, securities, property, employment, leases, defamation, etc. The litigation team represents the interests of the clients in major legal disputes before the trial courts, appellate courts, high courts across India, the Supreme Court of India, and other judicial or quasi-judicial forums, as well as before the Arbitration Tribunal in India and abroad.

The lawyers of the firm are committed to presenting themselves before clients in a patient and understanding manner.

About the Company's Founder

Mr. K. K. Sharma

K. K. Sharma is a senior counsel practicing primarily in the Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court. Mr. Sharma completed his law degree from the Faculty of Law, Meerut College, Uttar Pradesh.
He began his practice in Delhi in 1981, appearing regularly before the High Court and the Supreme Court. Mr. Sharma was designated as Senior Advocate by ‘full court’ in 2009. He has also served as a legal expert on Indian laws before civil courts in the United States of America.

Mr. Sharma established K. K. Sharma & Co. in 1984, of which he now only serves as a mentor and on-call senior counsel to take instructions in matters. The firm has offices in New Delhi and London.

In recent years, Mr. Sharma has acted for clients ranging from large public sector undertakings to large multinational corporations. Mr. Sharma first came to the news in 1996, when he was engaged as a legal advisor to the Republic of Cuba in India, and he advised on matters about various commercial ventures of Cuba through its state companies. He advised on legal matters in the transfer of technology, and his advice was valued greatly on pharmaceutical pyrotechnic campuses in India and abroad.

From 2004–2009, Mr. Sharma served as the Central Government Senior Counsel for conducting cases in the High Court of Delhi and conducted various criminal cases under the Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act (COFEPOSA).
Mr. Sharma has leadership qualities and was elected as a senior executive member of the Delhi High Court Bar Association.

Mr. Sharma handles a large amount of banking and commercial litigation, representing banks, financial institutions, NBFIs, and private companies in a wide range of corporate disputes and high-stakes financial litigation before the High Courts across India and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
Mr. Sharma is also a prominent figure in the world of arbitration. A member of LCIA, Mr. Sharma has been engaged as counsel by various MNCs in domestic and international arbitrations, both ad hoc and institutional, and is an expert in ICC and LCIA Rules.

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